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Located only minutes away from the residential neighborhoods of Dabouq and Khalda, these offices are ideally suited for startups and business that are looking for small offices that are also architecturally distinguished without having to pay unmanageable fees for prime properties.  Hanging stairs and lights falling down steel rods that extend through all the floors and an outdoor entrance to each office that break the continuity of linear hallways elevate the entrance and make this building uniquely positioned as an impressionable and design oriented business address

The first floor is comprised of 460 square meters of office spaces that constitute six small offices that range in size from 60 to 100 square meters.  Each office has a separate entrance in the hallway that is almost 5 square meters allowing you to have more space for your office on the inside

All Offices CAD Drawings - Architectural Floor Plan
Office 1 CAD Drawings - Architectural Floor Plan

Office 1

100m2 Front Facing


Office 2 CAD Drawings - Architectural Floor Plan

Office 2

85m2 Front Facing

Office 3 CAD Drawings - Architectural Floor Plan

Office 3

72m2 Front Facing Corner Office


Office 4 CAD Drawings - Architectural Floor Plan

Office 4

60m2 Back Facing


Office 5 CAD Drawings - Architectural Floor Plan

Office 5

72m2 Back Facing


Office 6 CAD Drawings - Architectural Floor Plan

Office 6

75m2 Back Facing


We provide regular cleaning, security and maintenance services to all public spaces and take the utmost care in ensuring the building is secure through day and night.  Offices have access to a designated outdoor smoking terrace that is regularly cleaned.  Smoking is prohibited in all public spaces of the building


Each office is equipped with a heating and cooling system that has been designed based on a specialized study into the reduction of energy consumption by these office spaces.  The offices are constructed according to international standards of thermal insulation to ensure lower running costs for the tenants of this building.  All offices are equipped with the necessary drainage and water systems and provisions are included for bathrooms and kitchens within each office space

A parking spot is dedicated for each office.  Depending on availability, other parking spots can be allocated upon request

Retail Spaces for Rent


Offices Square.jpg


Roof Square.jpg

Roof - Restaurant / Office

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