This unique roof offers a space that is one of a kind in the neighborhood.  With a total of 295 square meters of indoor space and 180 square meters of outdoor space, this 475 square meter roof consists of one the lushest and greenest spaces that this street offers.  This space is ideal for shared co-working spaces offering some of the most pleasant environments for work.

This space is ideally suited for businesses looking for unique spaces that have a beautiful and natural atmosphere that elevates the quality of the experience of their visitors or users. The elevated planters are equipped with an automated irrigation system that is designed to ensure this space remains lush and green.  Our trees, plants and shrubs are maintained and cared for on a regular basis giving the building’s façade another attractive feature.

The roof is built according to international standards of thermal insulation to ensure lower running costs for the tenants of this building.  The space is equipped with the necessary drainage and water systems and provisions are included for bathrooms and kitchens.

Retail Spaces for Rent


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Roof - Restaurant / Office