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Retail spaces comprising a total of 918 square meters have been designed to accommodate a variety of users.  These spaces are ideally suited for restaurants, showrooms, banks, stores and supermarkets and for companies searching for distinctive buildings to bring attention to their business. 

All Stores CAD Drawings Floor Plan Layot

Stores 1-3

477m2 Ground Floor Total + 441m2 Mezzanine

918m2 Total

Retail spaces are divided into three spaces.  Store areas are 338, 308, and 272 square meters respectively and can be combined depending on the requirements of your business.  Each retail space includes provisions for two separate staircases that access the mezzanine floor.

Stores 1 CAD Drawings Floor Plan Layot

Store 1

175m2 Ground Floor + 163m2 Mezzanine

Stores 2 CAD Drawings Floor Plan Layot

Store 2

160m2 Ground Floor + 148m2 Mezzanine

Stores 3 CAD Drawings Floor Plan Layot

Store 3

142m2 Ground Floor + 130m2 Mezzanine

Service areas can also be annexed to retail spaces depending on your needs.  We can provide underground water storage facilities and storage spaces depending on the nature of your business and your requirements.

The entrance to retail stores consists of a carefully designed landscape that has been planted with distinctive trees and shrubs that add value to your storefronts.  Our trees, plants and shrubs are maintained and cared for on a regular basis to provide an inviting atmosphere to your customers

The lighting of the facade has been designed by experts in the field to attract customers to the building.  Concrete elements are lit up during the night on a set schedule and transform the building and the retail spaces into an attraction

Retail Spaces for Rent


Offices Square.jpg


Roof Square.jpg

Roof - Restaurant / Office

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